Interest view

The interests of customers are prioritized. Satisfying the interests of customers is the prerequisite for the sustainable development of our common interests. Maintaining the balance of interests of all parties, so that the interests of enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees, partners, and society can be met to the greatest extent.


The entire value of the company comes from knowledge, capital and the labor of high-quality employees. Based on the elements of contribution, ability, responsibility and work attitude, we adopt the principles of objective, fair and sustainable development for value distribution. Use the method of combining distribution according to capital and distribution according to work to realize value distribution in the form of development opportunities, powers, wages, bonuses, dividends and other benefits.

Talent view

A good company will cultivate and attract good employees, and good employees will make the company develop better. We strive to create conditions to make outstanding talents stand out. Employment principle: equal emphasis on political integrity and talent, and employing talents.

Management view

Management goal: make the best use of people and make the best use of things. Management principles: scientific decision-making, authoritative execution, and institutionalized management. Management points: scientific plan designation, rigorous program control.

Competitive view

Regarding competition as the key to maintaining long-lasting vitality for enterprise development. Provide fair competition opportunities and adopt fair selection criteria.

people oriented

People-oriented management thinking, respecting and appreciating their employees are the basic conditions for implementing human-oriented management. Humanistic management is actually strict management and emotional investment.