Pig casings and sheep casings are good choices for sausage products

Everyone must be familiar with sausage. It is a very common meat preservation technique in our lives. There are also many kinds of taste, so do you know how sausages are made?

Among them, sausage casings are essential for making sausages. Pig casings and sheep casings are two commonly used casing products.

Pig casings are made from pig intestines, and sheep casings are naturally made from sheep intestines. A very big difference is the different sources. Generally speaking, it is better to choose pig casings for enema, because pig casings have better expandability and are not easy to break, and pig casings do not have such a strong taste. Pork casings are the most common and have a very good taste, suitable for making some red sausages and the like. The lamb casings are particularly suitable for making small grilled sausages because they are relatively thin, soft and thin.

In fact, pig casings and sheep casings are not comparable. It mainly depends on everyone's taste. Some people have a heavier taste and like sheep casings, while some people don't like heavy taste and prefer to use pig casings.