The raw material of heparin sodium crude drug is crude heparin sodium

At present, heparin sodium is an effective and clinically used anticoagulant drug in the world. It is mainly used in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and hemodialysis. Among them, it is an effective drug in hemodialysis treatment to ensure the blood during hemodialysis. Maintain the original physiological form of blood components during cardiopulmonary bypass. It is understood that there are about a million American patients undergoing hemodialysis every day, and other developed countries also have similar proportions of hemodialysis groups, and the increase in such patients in developing countries is even greater. Heparin can be extracted from the small intestinal mucosa of pigs, cattle and sheep or the lungs of cattle, but only heparin derived from the small intestinal mucosa of pigs is widely used in clinical applications because it has homology with human heparin and has the same natural nature in the human body. The metabolic pathway does not produce accumulated toxicity.

The raw material of heparin sodium raw material is crude heparin sodium, which is extracted from the small intestinal mucosa of healthy pigs. Because it contains a large amount of impurity protein, impurity nucleic acid, microorganisms and other impurities, it needs to go through physical and chemical extraction and separation processes to obtain a complete natural structural group. Heparin, thereby making heparin raw materials.